Lady in red

Urban Outfitters top&pants / Romeo and Juliet faux leather vest / UNIF Hellbounds
Helping my mom prepare for her three week vacation back to her homeland has kept me really busy these last few days. But now that I know she's landed safe and sound, I have enough peace of mind to do my own thing again. When anyone flies (myself included), I always have these nervous, anxious feelings at the pit of my stomach that can only be remedied by calling them as soon as they've landed. It's odd considering how I often dream of traveling and taking trips to all of my bucket list destinations. Packing, of course, would probably take longer than the duration of the trip itself. My mom only packed ONE large duffel bag of clothes for her entire trip. I thought she was planning on backpacking through the Philippines for three weeks. I think that duffel would have only been enough to carry my shoes. One thing that I would have to bring with me when I travel is my red, high waisted pants. Like I've said before, I like to incorporate "loud" into most of my outifts, and what can be more loud than fiery, red pants? I especially love how these have zippers at the bottoms for the option of having them open or closed. A girl's got to have options, especially when she's traveling.

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