Pastel and Pastries

Vintage top / Kimchi Blue pants / Jeffrey Campbell Lana's

 Although I often daydream about traveling outside of the SFV and LA, there's one thing that I know I can't find anywhere else but here: Porto's Bakery & Cafe. Like I've mentioned before, bakeries are my number one happy place. They just are. How can you not jump for joy at the sight of bountiful pastries all lined up waiting for you to take them home? However, it is dangerous for me to frequent there (both financially and not-being-able-to-fit-into-my-clothes-ly), so I try to limit myself to one visit a month, or find a "reasonable" excuse to go. Lucky for me, my friend came to visit from San Francisco, and they don't have a Porto's there! And herein lies my reasonable excuse to go. In anticipation of this joyous, yet fattening visit, I decided to wear my paperbag trousers that bunch-up when you tie it together, similar to the look of an actual paperbag when you clasp the top of it in your hand. It seemed appropriate considering that I was going to a place that I inevitably wasn't going to walk out of empty handed. And as you can tell from the picture above, I most certainly did not come home empty handed. No regrets though. It was a justified visit--all in the name of friendship. 

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