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H&M knit / Jeffrey Campbell Saturn 2's
These shoes will always hold a special place in my heart. They are the very first pair of Jeffrey Campbell's that I have ever owned. I got them as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and fell in love with them right away. More Jeffrey's found their way into my life soon after. It's a good thing that my birthday is far enough from Christmas for me to still be able to make separate wish lists and add Jeffrey's to both of them. I love the high, pointed design on the back of these shoes. The Saturn 1 design is similar to this, but I think they made the point higher on this pair. They're so subtle and loud at the same time, and you get the full effect of them when seen from the sides. I once had a lady come up to me and (in my best friends own words) sounded like she was just so honored to be in the presence of my shoes as she asked me where I had gotten them, haha. These have easily become my go-to shoes because of their comfortability and their signature style.

Quick note: These tend to run half a size bigger than what you would normally wear. I wear a size 7 and should have gotten a size 6.5, but the site my boyfriend bought them from sold out of that size. So I had to settle for a 7. The size difference isn't too bad. It's roomy enough for me to slip my foot in and out without having to undo the zipper in the back, but not so roomy that it's uncomfortable when I wear them out. FYI, I would advise against slipping these shoes on and off without undoing the zipper. They might stretch out and just get even bigger, and that would be just so unfortunate.

Happy first day of March!

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