Lazy days

BTFL People men's knit / American Apparel leggings / H&M hinge ring / Vintage rings / Jeffrey Campbell Lana's
This men's knit caught my attention during a photo-shoot that I assisted with a few weeks ago. I've always been fond of the effortless yet edgy look. It seems to do just the trick for those lazy days when you're not up to putting a whole lot of thought into your outfit, but still want to appear like you did. Luckily, it wasn't so over-sized that I looked like I was drowning in it. Sometimes laziness and comfortability can come together and still produce an appealing outfit. Just pop on an over-sized knit, pair it with some cute heels and you're good as gold--Comfortability at it's finest.


Green with fringe

American Apparel lace top / BTFL People fringe skirt

I was asked by one of the designers I intern for to give him a color that I didn't like and/or thought was horrendous. It was basically a challenge for him to create something that would convert my belief in the ghastly color green. To be honest, I didn't think that he'd be able to do it. But then he incorporated various elements such as pattern, texture, and form, to create this amazingly beautiful skirt that conveys a charming and classy feel to this look. I should have known better than to doubt the propensity of a man who is widely known for his keen sense of style. In the case of the color green, I have been reformed.


Valentine's Day DIY's

Baking was something I used to do quite often. It was actually a hobby of mine that I enjoyed very much, as well as did those around me. But after making one baked good after another almost every week, the gratification that used to accompany my once favorite pastime began to dissipate. So last year, I decided to take a hiatus from baking. However, a special occasion like this does call for special treats. I've been looking around for some Valentine's day inspired desserts, and came across some that I'm thinking about trying out this year.

White Chocolate Valentine Bars (via TheCakeBar)
Heart Shaped Macaroons (via TheCakeBar)

Red Velvet Love Cupcakes with Matching Heart Sandwiches (via TheCakeBar)
Sweetheart Cupcakes (via TheCakeBar)

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Ruffles (via TheCakeBar)
Topshop Chiffon Mullet Hem Dress by Rare
The ruffles and color of the last dessert inspired a potential outfit for the seventh Valentine's day that I'll be spending with my special someone. Hopefully all goes well. After all, seven is considered a lucky number.


An unlikley match

Urbanxl sunnies / Michael Kors watch / Forever21 bracelet / J. Crew jacket / UNIF floral dress / Glaze wedges
I had a long day of running errands around DTLA for my internship, so I had to dress accordingly as to not subject myself to scorn and ridicule from the designers I work for (they're lovely, witty people). Initially,  I was hesitant at the very thought of pairing leopard and floral together. Sure, I could have easily gone with a cute, black heel, but I had told myself that I was going to take more risks in my style. Plus, these are my most comfortable wedges which were essential for a day like today. I know that not everyone is accepting of this pairing, but I personally love it. They compliment each other well and make the outfit look so cute and fun. I'm glad I took a chance on this one.


Fate on Melrose

Quay Eyeware sunnies / Lancome Corset (Matte) lipstick / H&M black dress / Alexander Wang heels
There's nothing like that feeling you get when you see something from across the room, and it takes your breath away. You're still, frozen in disbelief that you both are at the same place at the same time. You make your way towards it while thoughts are running rampant in your mind--"Is it a good fit for me? Is it damaged? Can this be real?" Then you play the dating game. You try it out, determine whether or not you're good together, and start to think about future events. Then it gets serious. You start thinking about a more permanent relationship. You go back and forth, weighing pros and cons. And then ultimately, you take the plunge. You commit.

Okay, I know it's just shoes but still. I got so excited when I saw the exact pair of Alexander Wang heels that I've had my eye on for a while now. It was as if fate had intervened and brought us together. The way he flows with me every step of the way, the way he makes me smile, the comfort that he provides. We're a perfect fit.


Personal Growth

"Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life."
-Herbert Otto



Something Special hat / Quay Eyeware sunnies / Uniq poncho / UNIF dress / Jeffrey Campbell Busted platforms
Before joining in Chinese new year festivities, I spent some down time at one of my beloved coffee shops in Silver Lake. I love the design and texture of this dress, but it was too sheer to wear by itself without the risk of me catching pneumonia. So I had to make sure to not layer it with an overpowering piece. Actually, I had just thrown on the poncho to keep myself warm while thinking about what to wear over the dress, looked in the mirror, and was quite pleased with what had just happened. I grabbed my shoes and my hat, and headed towards my coffee fix. Now, my shoes are my most recent purchase, and this coffee run gave me an excuse to show them off. I was so excited to wear them out...until about the 100th step I took in them. Because the shoe is new and the upper part of it is leather, it decided to saw into me in an effort to sever my foot from the rest of my leg. I tried them out again while wearing socks, which seemed to stop the ankle cutting. You'll probably be seeing these shoes again paired with socks in the near future, until I work my way up to tights, and then eventually I'll be able to bare it all. I believe "Busted" is an appropriate name for this shoe after all.


Sunshine after the rain

Quay Eyeware sunnies / Vintage bag / Scented Petals top / Blank NYC leather shorts / Diva Lounge heels

Spent the sunny part of the day shopping and eating lunch in L.A. I found a vintage store that sells necklaces with small frames as pendants that came in a variety of colors and designs. If I could, I would have bought one in every color. But for now, one will have to suffice. I tried to spend most of my time outside, enjoying the sunlight before it disappeared. Afternoons are much shorter now that signs of "winter weather" are approaching. I'm not too disappointed though. I'm actually looking forward to experimenting and layering with different pieces--finding out what I like and don't like; what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not. I just have to remember: there's more to life than just knits and tights.

A Night To Remember...

Zara fur jacket / House of Harlow necklace / Final Touch dress / JC Cosmic Lita's

Celebrated another close friends' 21st birthday this week. This time, we ventured off to the local bars in Silver Lake--Red Lion Tavern and Cha Cha Lounge. It was extremely chilly for my liking, but at least it gave me a chance to wear one of my favorite winter jackets, which actually ended up to be a lifesaver since the fabric of my dress tended to cling on to the cold air outside. We enjoyed the live entertainment that accompanied the German platters and drinks over at Red Lion Tavern before heading across the street to Cha Cha Lounge. Once we entered, it was as if we transitioned between two different countries in one night. The decor, the lighting, the music--all vastly different from our previous location. It was definitely a birthday to remember. Cheers.


Subtle and loud

BTFL People dress / JC Lana's
Just wanted to share a quick look before heading out tonight. The light breeze and lighting from the sun was just enough to compliment and capture the beauty of this dress. I took it upon myself to enlist BabySister as my photographer as soon as I looked outside and saw the opportunity to showcase it. Not too formal and not too casual. Subtle enough to not take away from the main focus of an event, yet loud enough to not get lost in the crowd.


L.A. Art Walk


TheWestEndGirl: Vintage chiffon top / JC Sequin Lana heels
BabySister: Vintage fringe jacket / JC Warrant platforms
Finally posting up pictures from the L.A. Art Walk last week. I've never been to the Art Walk, so when I got there around 6:30p.m. and saw that the streets weren't anything out of the ordinary, I was beginning to feel a little disappointed. But I had already made the trip out there so I might as well have given it a shot. My friends and I walked around trying to find a crowd of some sort to lead us to some of the exhibits. Just as we had given up and were making our way back to the car, we turned the corner and, to our surprise, found the streets were filled with people coming together to enjoy the eclectic atmosphere provided by artists and musicians alike (or people who were out for the sake of being out of the house on a Thursday night, but I digress). The night actually turned out to be quite eventful. While visiting different galleries, I stumbled upon yet another guilty pleasure--BigManBakes. I've eaten plenty of cupcakes in my lifetime, but none that left an impression on me like these have. But enough about food. The Robert Reynolds exhibit was by far my favorite gallery. There's something about three-dimensional art that just captivates and inspires me. Perhaps it's the way the piece comes alive, making you feel involved in some way. Who knows? What I do know is that I cannot wait for my next encounter with inspiration.