Something Blue

Everly dress / Cotton on jacket / Vintage wedges
  I'm currently experimenting with mixing casual and formal pieces together. I like the idea of incorporating casual with formal, and vice versa, to either dress up or dress down an outfit. For this look, I decided to dress down my blue, strappy dress with cutouts on the sides. I paired it with a denim jacket and black, lace-up wedges to give it more of a laid back impression. I could have gone with my black heel booties, but I felt that these wedges gave off more of a relaxed vibe to this look.  And denim, well, in my opinion denim can make anything look casual. I used to feel really restricted with dresses similar to this one, like I'd only be able to wear them on certain occasions (i.e. church, weddings, nice dinners, etc.) instead of for everyday use. But being able to take a piece from my closet and wear it outside of its predisposed environment greatly expands my wardrobe potential; which may in turn lead me to shop less and experiment more. Well...let's be realistic now. Also, the way the bottom is cut to fall in an uneven pattern, almost like flower petals, instead of a straight cut is a beautifully added touch to this already charming dress. And I didn't feel the least bit under-dressed when I unexpectedly ended up having dinner at Roy's (a kind of fancy, shmancy restaurant). It was just the right balance of opposite elements.

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