Sunshine after the rain

Quay Eyeware sunnies / Vintage bag / Scented Petals top / Blank NYC leather shorts / Diva Lounge heels

Spent the sunny part of the day shopping and eating lunch in L.A. I found a vintage store that sells necklaces with small frames as pendants that came in a variety of colors and designs. If I could, I would have bought one in every color. But for now, one will have to suffice. I tried to spend most of my time outside, enjoying the sunlight before it disappeared. Afternoons are much shorter now that signs of "winter weather" are approaching. I'm not too disappointed though. I'm actually looking forward to experimenting and layering with different pieces--finding out what I like and don't like; what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not. I just have to remember: there's more to life than just knits and tights.

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