L.A. Art Walk


TheWestEndGirl: Vintage chiffon top / JC Sequin Lana heels
BabySister: Vintage fringe jacket / JC Warrant platforms
Finally posting up pictures from the L.A. Art Walk last week. I've never been to the Art Walk, so when I got there around 6:30p.m. and saw that the streets weren't anything out of the ordinary, I was beginning to feel a little disappointed. But I had already made the trip out there so I might as well have given it a shot. My friends and I walked around trying to find a crowd of some sort to lead us to some of the exhibits. Just as we had given up and were making our way back to the car, we turned the corner and, to our surprise, found the streets were filled with people coming together to enjoy the eclectic atmosphere provided by artists and musicians alike (or people who were out for the sake of being out of the house on a Thursday night, but I digress). The night actually turned out to be quite eventful. While visiting different galleries, I stumbled upon yet another guilty pleasure--BigManBakes. I've eaten plenty of cupcakes in my lifetime, but none that left an impression on me like these have. But enough about food. The Robert Reynolds exhibit was by far my favorite gallery. There's something about three-dimensional art that just captivates and inspires me. Perhaps it's the way the piece comes alive, making you feel involved in some way. Who knows? What I do know is that I cannot wait for my next encounter with inspiration.

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