Cosmic Wednesday's

Silence & Noise faux leather vest / Forever21 top / Topshop pants / Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic Lita's / H&M accessories

I've noticed that I've been wearing my hair up in a bun a lot lately; but with the amount of hair I have and the length it's reached, it's gotten to be a hassle having it all over the place and the recent winds we've experienced haven't been any help either. I've also been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts, so I figured I'd let my pants know that I still love them, especially these. Can you believe I stumbled upon a pair of Topshop pants on a random day of thrifting? How lucky am I. These have easily become my favorite pair of pants, which you'll probably be seeing quite often. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it's also easy on the hips. They happen to be high waisted, so I try to wear them on occasions where there's a high likelihood of me over-eating. Nothing like a good pair of multi-purpose pants to keep you in check. Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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