Red, White, & Lace

Vintage cardigan / Forever 21 British flag top / Lush lace skirt
You know how grocery stores strategically place magazines, candies, snacks, etc., in the check out line to score an impulse buy out of you? Well that is exactly how this skirt came into my possession. Good thing I have a love for all things lace. I always thought of it as a delicate and beautiful piece (truly one of my most favorite types of material, if not my favorite). It can make an outfit look so strong, yet ethereal at the same time. I decided to pair it with my British flag top that I rediscovered in my closet recently, and a vintage cardigan that actually belonged to my mom at one point before I stopped borrowing it and just decided to keep it--or she completely gave up on trying to get it back, whichever came first. For some odd reason, this top attracts so much attention that many have felt the need to approach me and ask me about it. It's a great conversation starter, especially if you're looking to meet new people.

Quick note: If you happen to buy this skirt, be careful not to wear shoes with zippers (or spikes, obviously). I wore these with my booties that zip up on the side, and the bottom of my skirt kept getting caught as I was walking. Wouldn't want to rip a hole in it now, would you.


  1. your skirt is amazing! xo


  2. Beautiful skirt! Thanks for the tip too :-)

  3. i love your style. you got a great blog. we should follow each other!!