Hellbound Streetwalker

DIY shorts / UNIF robe&heels
Ask and you shall receive...

I'm finally the proud owner of one of UNIF's latest shoe blessings-- Hellbound. In an earlier post, I mentioned how badly I've been wanting to get a pair, and now it's finally happened! I wore them out as soon as I bought them. Actually, I walked out in almost a whole new outfit than what I walked in wearing. Once I tried on the shoes, they never came off. I wore them around as I continued to graze through the racks, where I found this leopard robe(?) also by UNIF. Not entirely sure if it's a robe or a dress since it can be buttoned down all the way to the bottom. I've always been a big fan of multipurpose articles of clothing. In any case, I decided to button the top half and left the bottom half free flowing. Since I had to get it one size bigger than what I normally wear (it was the last one they had left), it ended up being really long. But with the extreme height of the Hellbound, it barely touched the ground, if at all. The garter in the middle of the robe also helps in tucking away any excess length for when I decide to wear it with a different shoe. Completely and utterly happy with my latest purchases. I'm ecstatic.

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