My chilly Valentine

H&M faux fur vest / Forever21 top&blazer / Ark&Co. shorts / Jeffrey Campbell wedges
I underestimated the weather on this day. I've grown so accustomed to wearing light, spring-like clothing that I just assumed that the freak drop in temperature would soon rise and go back to it's warm ways. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Originally, I counted on my leopard knit top and my vest to keep me warm enough for what I thought would be a temporary winter breeze. We were waiting outside of the restaurant (where I had to survive without my vest so that it wouldn't smell like cajun spices) as the winds continued to blow right through me, almost aiming for me as if to get back at me for doubting them. Sitting in the sun didn't help much either. Lucky for me though, our next stop was the Grove in L.A. where I was able to pick-up this unexpectedly soft, impromptu mustard colored blazer. I've actually been wanting a mustard colored blazer for a while now; but every time I came across one, I never had the urge to buy it. I guess it was all about timing--a need instead of a want. The blazer added that layered look to this outfit that I absolutely love. It was like that missing piece that I had no idea was missing. It's almost an unconventional look, layering a faux fur vest over a blazer. My boyfriend didn't really get it. He looked at me and said "You aren't dressed like any other person here." Good thing it was Valentine's Day, and he had to love me no matter what I was wearing.

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