Barbie Pink

Eggs in a nest (also known as "Eggs in a basket")
Brownie ice cream sandwiches

Here are some of the Valentine's Day DIY's that I decided to make today (neither of which I planned on making when I was prepping a few weeks ago, but whatever). These dishes were fairly easy to make, and made for a very special breakfast treat. It was like having a mini at home cafe. 
BTFL People knit / American Apparel tights / Vintage bag / Urban Outfitters boots
Yesterday marked the beginning of what seems to be the cold days of winter, so I was finally able to dress accordingly...somewhat. There was still a hint of warmth in the air which I was completely fine with since I got to wear my "SoCal winter knit." In my opinion, I feel that every girl living in SoCal needs at least one knit like this since it's almost a rarity that it drops anywhere below 80 degrees here. It's so cozy looking and baggy in all the right areas that it's sure to flatter any body type. And as the cherry on top, I wore my, what I like to call, "Barbie pink" lipstick from Lancome. It's actually called "Wannabe," but doesn't it remind you of the same shade of pink as Barbie's lips? No? Just me? All right then.

I'll try to post up more pictures from today as soon as I can. It's been such a long, yet memorable day; and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as much as I did mine. Happy Valentine's Day!

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