Retrospective pleats

Vintage sweater / Ark & Co. leather skirt / Michael Antonio booties

 The SFV may be where my home is, but it definitely isn't where my heart is.  Recently, I've found myself frequenting L.A. so much to the point where, on some days, I'm only in the valley to wake up in the morning and then sleep at night. My excuse for today: exchange a top for a different size at Free People. Sure, I could have done it at the local store here but where's the fun in that? Besides, I was eager to wear my new skirt that I snagged at a sample sale a couple days ago. I was skeptical about buying it at first, but the quality and texture lured me in. Plus, it was such an unlikely purchase for me. You see, I went to a private school here where it was mandatory for pleated skirts to be worn. I used to cringe at the very sight of one once I had graduated. So, it's surprising that I spent much of my high school years longing for the days where pleated skirts were no longer a part of my wardrobe, only to find myself almost five years later willingly wearing one, let alone buying one. Granted, however, it is a far cry from a navy blue cotton skirt. But now that I think about it, I might want to bring that back into rotation as well...

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