Somewhere out there

Forever21 top / Urban Outfitters bloomers / Steve Madden boots / Vintage rings / H&M bracelet
Here I go again with the floral...On a recent venture to the outskirts of the valley, I discovered what would soon be my second happy place (my first being a bakery of any kind, but that's a story for another day). Upon my return, I wanted to preserve the natural, unrefined ambiance of the park; so I decided to pair my floral bloomers with my cowboy-looking boots. The bottoms compliment the organic theme of my outfit, while the boots give it that added rustic flair. And an added bonus to these bloomers: they have garters at the bottom so there's no need to worry about them riding up or adjusting them as you walk. This is such a relaxed look, appropriate for a day of soaking up the sun, running around with your dog, and doing some self-reflection while lying in a big, open field staring directly into the sky. 

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