Window Shopping

Something Special hat / Vintage Ramones shirt / Lucca Couture shorts / UNIQ poncho / Jeffrey Campbell wedges
If it weren't for procrastination and boredom, I probably would have forgotten all about these pictures. Good thing I tend to look through everything and anything on my computer in an effort to avoid whatever it is that I should really be doing (probably not the best quality to have but oh well). This was my second attempt at wearing these wedges without the expense of losing part of my leg. I mentioned in an earlier post how these shoes nearly severed my feet from the rest of my body. But this time around, the socks acted as a padding that allowed me to wear them out comfortably as I window shopped up and down the streets of L.A. It's been a while now since I've had them, and the breaking-in process is going fairly well. As you can see in my last post, I can now wear them with tights pain-free. Just a few more test runs until I can go without the padding. At least it's cold enough to wear tights and socks more often now.

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